Material Catch Fan

Art. No. 5056000

Optimising the on-site safety is the main focus of the Tammet Systems group.

Besides standard edge protection products, we offer with the Tammet Material Catch Fan a further solution to improve the safety on building sites. During construction, Tammet Material Catch Fans provide both a reliable interception protection for the staff and a safeguard against falling items.

By this, one can see that the Tammet Material Catch Fan is available in two different versions: on the one hand as a combined people and material catch fan (Tammet Catch Fan P), on the other hand as a material catch fan (Tammet Catch Fan).

Both versions have a standard size of 6 m and, thus, offer a protection width of 3 m in front of the building edge.


Safety Standards

The Tammet Material Catch Fan P is subject to the European regulations SS-EN 1263-1 catch fans. It has been tested according to part 1 (safety requirements, testing methods) of these regulations and complies with all specifications to the full extent and is certified accordingly.

The mounting of the Tammet Material Catch Fans has to be effected according to the specifications of the corresponding assembly instructions. For this purpose, only original components of the Tammet Material Catch Fans are to be used. In order to assure the highest level of safety while using Tammet Material Catch Fans, Tammet optionally offers accordant staff trainings.

The Tammet Material Catch Fan has been tested to its safety by throwing a 100 kg heavy item into the catching net from a height of 7 m.

Once a year, an examination of the Tammet Material Catch Fans already in use has to be effected. The focus lies here especially on the material safety of the catching net. For this purpose, a testing fibre has to be sent to Tammet Systems or a licensed test control unit.



Material Catch Fan


By the cantilever of 3 m, the Tammet Material Catch Fan creates an accordant protection zone in front of the building against falling items such as material, tools or debris.

By means of its flexible fields of application, the Tammet Material Catch Fan can be adjusted to the most variable building situations. An application in narrow areas is easily possible since the Tammet Material Catch Fan can be folded towards the façade in order to create an access for e.g. cranes.

The catching net has a mesh size of 60 x 60 mm. The Tammet Material Catch Fan is as a standard delivered together with an additional finely woven net with a mesh size of 20 x 20 mm. It is connected to the catching net as a protection against falling smaller items.



Slab and Wall Fix

Art. No. 5050003

This type of attachment can both be used for assembly of the catch fan on structural slabs and at façades.
With the usage of the Slab and Wall Fix as slab attachment it is either braced against the façade of the building by means of the body extension (Art.-No. 5050001) or, in combination with the kneebrace (Art.-No. 5050002), anchored over the open concrete edge of a structural slab.
In case the fastening of the catch fan is to be effected at the façade, two attachments are used for each fan. The catch fan can be directly mounted to the façade without any further equipment.






Scaffold Fix

Art. No. 5050004

In order to mount the Tammet Material Catch Fan to scaffolds there are special scaffold attachments. At first, two of these special attachments have to be mounted to the scaffold tubes. As second and last step the catch fan has to be brought into its position and safely braced.




Technical Documentation

User Instruction Catch Fan (362 KB)